“We treat our clients capital as though it’s our own – creating sustainable long term investment strategies.”

De Anna Guerreiro

Co Founder & CEO

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From Sporting Legends To Financial Legends

Legends Advocates empower the financial, emotional, integrity and family legacy of all athletes. We teach these athletes how to take control of their financial wellbeing and future, by educating them on financial character, integrity, and responsibility. It is not prudent for an athlete to turn their entire fortune over to people to manage it for them, they must be taught how to manage it and control their financial destiny by surrounding themselves with people who are experienced in wealth planning, private and direct investments, entrepreneurship, and legal structures.

Legends is a comprehensive platform dedicated to meet the entire needs and care of professional athletes.

Three Key Areas

Adi Dassler International Wealth & Tax Advisory

Wealth Advisory that’s creative, independent and dependable solutions for your unique life goals and dreams.

Private Investments

Providing access to strategic direct investment opportunities for Professional Athletes and UHNWI that only come through exclusivity.

Generational Wealth & Legacy Branding, Education, and Philanthropy

What you do with your money today, while you have made it, will determine the legacy you leave your children and the next generation after you.

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“The secret to winning is constant, consistent management.”

Tom Landry

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Corporate Portfolio

Financial Character, Integrity and Success is rooted on consistent management, disciplined oversight and confidence in the direction to create generational wealth! That confidence comes from understanding the risks and rewards in certain investment opportunities which comes from being mentored by the best.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of wealth management — creating financial and creative solutions to help our clients realize their vision and make them a reality.


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Our 4 Pillars

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    Private Wealth Advisory
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    Alternative Investments
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    Mentoring Program
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We will act as a Private Wealth Advisor alongside our partner, the Adi Dassler International Family Office (ADIFO). ADIFO was created by the founder of Adidas, Mr Adi Dassler. His vision being that all athletes should have a chance of a career with Adidas once their sporting lives were complete. There are many good advisors in the marketplace but their focus is not necessarily on the individual needs of an athlete. It is important that an athlete has a select few, independent focused advisors. Other advisors invariable are tied to firms that have their own corporate structures and they must promote products held specifically for those institutions. Legends working with ADIFO have a wide range of wealth advisory tools and tax advice for domestic and international business and personal interests that are structured so that they are unique to the athlete’s financial goals.
Legends Advocates and the athletes together are a powerful partnership that create an investment platform that result in multiply revenue streams over a 5 to 10 years period. We focus primarily on companies in revenue, together with others that are pre-revenue with a working concept with investment would launch them into revenue. Real Estate is a large investment class for Legends Advocates. Our team are highly experienced in this sector and are able to source opportunities not available to the “open market.” Other popular sectors are sustainable energy, mining, oil & gas, fin-tech, med-tech, and sports clubs/sports tech. Due diligence is key when any investor is looking into any type of opportunity. They need to have the right team around them. People who have done deals successfully many times before, who understands the markets, the financial eco systems, and the deal timing. Legends Advocates have all those individuals in-house. All with successful track records who are entrepreneurs, former athletes, and investment advisors
Legends Advocates will run a Mentoring Programme in Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and Generation Wealth creation. We mentor the basics of becoming an entrepreneur. Athletes need to set up an LLC in order to maximize a player’s income and minimize taxes. This ideally happens as soon as they leave college and start their professional careers. As part of our financial literacy program, we mentor athletes straight out of the gate for financial success, We teach them tax structures, estate planning, trusts, etc. Generational wealth building is focusing on investing in strategic businesses that will create wealth, using income from their sports contracts whilst they are still active.
This pillar is about character building for the athlete and his family. To help them become involved with specific charities or organizations they are passionate about. To input into areas where they can give back to their local communities. Legends Advocates works closely with a select few individuals and companies in this space. Such as ELLE Family Office Networks, St Judes, Save the Children etc. We can help athletes to get involved with their chosen organizations or help create their own foundations and community groups. Athletes can become overwhelmed with both emotional and physical stress from having to perform constantly in a very demanding sports business. Injuries and having success at an early age only lead to further problems. Athletes are often not equipped to deal with such problems.