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Your Future Is In Good Hands

Legends is a consortium of experienced international business experts taken from a wide range of commercial sectors, including finance and real estate. With the intention to make a positive and powerful impact on professional athletes across the globe, by providing them with business and investment opportunities that work alongside and beyond their professional sports career.

We teach these athletes how to take control of their financial wellbeing and future, by educating them on financial character, integrity, and responsibility. It is ill-advised for an athlete to turn their entire fortune over to others to simply manage it for them. This can result in and poor investment decisions and in some cases ruin.

The athletes must be taught how to understand, manage, and control their own affairs and financial destiny, by surrounding themselves with people who are experienced in wealth planning, private and direct investments, entrepreneurship, and legal structures.

We have created a platform where athletes can invest in specific businesses for generational wealth and opportunities. To have a career with us as a trusted partner.

There is power in numbers, we are creating a platform where there will be hundreds of athletes around the world. This combined strength means that our voice matters. This wealth has the power to create further wealth for future generations.
We have created a safe haven for our partners, to cultivate them personally and financially to give them great and effective abilities that will span generations.

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Our Philosophy

Our mission here at Legends Advocates is to provide longterm fiduciary oversight to all of our clients and shareholders giving them the confidence in our ability to create security and good returns on the capital they have invested.

Our Mission

Our vision is to be our clients investment company of choice, to be a place where people can come to find not only safe and great returns but also to be guided and taught the principles of longterm wealth preservation.

Our Vision

Our Values stem from the integrity and success we have had individually and now collectively in our own personal and business lives.

Our Values
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What is a Legends fund?

A Legends Fund is an investment that pools together money from lots of athletes. Our Fund Managers then invests the money in a wide range of assets e.g. real estate, private equity, renewable energy etc. We specialise in many sectors, and you can choose to put all or part of your funds into that one sector. For example, if you're interested in new technologies then you could invest in opportunities that focuses on this sector alone.

Why invest in Legends?

Our Fund Managers choose and manage the underlying investments. Investors benefit from our inherent expertise and knowledge. Our teams spend time researching and picking only the best opportunities in any chosen sector.

Why Diversify?

Investing in funds means your money is spread across multiple assets. As some investments will perform better and some worse over time, diversifying will, in theory, help spread the risk and smooth returns over time.

Why Invest for the long term?

We always recommend investing for at least 5 years - you have a better chance of riding out any short-term trading volatility and benefitting from greater returns.

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Getting started with Legends Advocates

Getting started is easy, reach out to us via info@legendsadvocates.com and set up a time for a call. You can then set up an account with us or you can start by building your fund portfolio and then opening an account to hold it in. Invest from as little as $50,000 and choose what sector and opportunity you want your investment to go into. Or if you want it to be diversified then simply select the amount of capital you want in each opportunity.
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What Our Clients Say

"Legends Advocates work in the world of performance, wealth management and financial development, is, in my opinion, second to none. Your dedication to providing the right mentoring, tools and techniques for athletes to use to improve their longterm financial security is outstanding and Extraordinary. This just illustrates perfectly, that Legends Advocates is a must for any sports man or sports woman who is serious about succeeding and securing their financial future at the same time."
NFL star
"Legends recognises the importance of being attuned to the complete needs of every athlete. Legends understands the complexity involved in becoming the perfect athlete, focusing on our careers but at the same time attending to the core elements of our financial success. "
NBA Star
"Simply extraordinary! An inspirational company and great resource for athletes in all sports. Thank you!"
Tennis Player
"Legends is a must have for any athlete wanting to be a winner. Easy to follow, practical, holistic and inspirational with lots of great tools to guide on, and what secure investments we should be investing into. What I’ve learned from the legends management team is inspiring and you can apply this on and off the field and works for all athletes wanting to grow their nest egg. "
Soccer Player
"There is no ‘easy’ path or simple equation when it comes to being financially secure. Legends recognises the complexities involved in capitalizing on your potential, such as how you spend your time and with whom, maintaining physical and psychological health, working hard and smart, and being true to oneself. When it comes to how we create a longterm financial legacy, there is no one better than LASG!"
NHL Star
"De Anna is one of the most positive people that I have ever met and one you cannot help but be affected by her passion, enthusiasm and belief. Over the years, De Anna has worked successfully with top athletes from many different sports and by being extraordinary herself, both as a mentor and as a person, De Anna has helped so many people to become ‘the best they can be’, and what Legends offer to all athletes is truly a blessing!"
WNBA Player
"LASG focuses on practical strategies for setting and reaching financial goals for all athletes, helping to maintain our motivation and energy, and strategies for navigating the many challenges and setbacks that accompany the pursuit of sporting excellence. Practical and inspirational, LSAG helps top performers become all they are capable of being on the field whilst creating true financial security off it!"
NFL Star
"Having Hall of Famer Johnny Bench with his extensive experience in sports and in baseball in general, has been an invaluable asset to me and to anyone pursuing excellence in the sporting arena. It’s been an amazing experience being mentored by Johnny, in ‘How to be an Extraordinary Athlete’. Then being taught financial wisdom about managing and growing my portfolio, makes me extremely excited about the future and that of my children."
NBA Star
"The team at Legends Advocates comprehensively discusses and then guides you in all the areas of financial development competencies, even down to helping you set up your corporate entity. I’m telling all my fellow golfers about legends."
PGA Golfer