Julian “Brad” Bradham

[ Financial Services and Private Wealth ]

  • DEPARTMENT: Finance and Private Wealth
  • EXPERIENCE: 38+ Years
  • EMAIL: brad@legendsadvocates.com
  • PHONE: +18642801111


Founding partner CEO
Adi Dassler International Family Office

Brad has known the Dassler family for over 27 years and is a veteran of the Financial Services and Private Wealth industry with over 38 years of industry experience. During that time, he has successfully established, grown, and turned around offices for major financial institutions in North America. Along with the Dassler Family, he helped start ADIFO offshore in Nassau, The Bahamas, and then established the current U.S. company: Adi Dassler International Family Office, LLC in Miami. He brings executive, client focus and real world domestic and international experience to ADIFO.

Brad graduated from Clemson University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. Further study at The Wharton School 1996 – 1998 in their Professional Development Program/ Advanced Study.