Blisser is an exclusive platform connecting users on a personal and business level with the most prestigious talent and impactful world leaders united for the greater good.

Its aim is to give everyone access to anyone, empowering each other to build a better world. With expertise in finance, tech, and entertainment Blisser connects its users with the world’s most prestigious talent, all in the pursuit of global change. It allows people to purchase personalised video content from their idols, knowing that the profits are being donated directly to a charity of the talent’s choice.

Through personal messages that entertain and inspire, global social issues and charities are highlighted with a minimum of 10% of every video message purchase donated to a charity.

• Project Type : AI media and educational tech engagement platform

• Current Valuation : $7.3 million

• Fund Raise : $16.5 million for a 35% equity stake

• Post investment Valuation projected to be $38.2 million

• Investor return of 55.5% IRR over 4 years

Type :
AI media
Fund Raise :
$16.5 million for 35% equity stake
Investor return :
55.5% IRR over 4 years
Current Valuation:
$7.3 million
Post Valuation :
$38.2 million