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40 Years
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Bavaro On Grid Solar Plant Project Structure

A total contract value is $1.4B over 40 Years. Investment requirements, $70m in tranches. Current value of the land is $11.8m.

The total investment amount is USD $70M since actual quotes are not negotiated yet. Hence a lower total investment will lead to an improved yield. Depending on the chosen leverage, ROI are very attractive.

Power generation capacity of the solar electricity plant will be 100MWp with annual electricity produced 160.000 MWh, that will lead to a USD $35M annual cash flow at Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) USD 0.22 per KWh.

• Investment: $70M in approx.10 tranches
• Low operating cost
• 40 years duration PPA contract with DR government, backed by Central Bank of Dominican Republic with income cash flow $8.80M every 3 months ($70M within 2 years)

1. Hardware

1.1. PV Modules
1.1.1. 100MWp PV Modules 580W 172.500.000 pcs

1.2. Inverters
1.2.1. On Grid Inverters 250KW 400 pcs

1.3. Racking and mounting

1.3.1. Complete mounting system including ramming profiles, foundations and all material for assembling
1.3.2. All material necessary for mounting the inverter and all type of combiner boxes

1.4. Grid connection

1.4.1. All medium voltage cables and connectors

1.4.2. Switch gears and control boards

1.4.3. Transformers and/or transformer stations

1.4.4. Substation and housing

1.4.5. Meter(s)

1.5. Cabling/wiring

1.5.1. All direct current (DC) components, such as DC cables, connectors and DC combiner boxes

1.5.3. All AC low voltage components, such as cables, connectors and AC combiner boxes

1.6. Safety and security

1.6.1. Fences

1.6.2. Camera and security system

1.6.3. All equipment fixed installed as theft and/or fire protection

1.7. Monitoring and control

1.7.1. Monitoring system

1.7.2. Meteorological system (e.g., irradiation and temperature sensor)

1.7.3. Supervisory control and data system

2. Installation

2.1. Mechanical installation

2.1.1. Access and internal roads

2.1.2. Preparation for cable routing (e.g., cable trench, cable trunking system)

2.1.3. Installation of mounting/racking system

2.1.4. Installation of solar modules and inverters

2.1.5. Installation of grid connection components

2.1.6. Uploading and transport of components/equipment

2.2. Electrical installation

2.2.1. DC installation (module interconnection and DC cabling)

2.2.2. AC medium voltage installation

2.2.3. Installation of monitoring and control system

2.2.4. Electrical tests (e.g., DC string measurement)

2.3. Inspection

2.3.1. Construction supervision

2.3.2. Health and safety inspections

3. Soft costs

3.1 System design

3.1.1. Costs for ecological surveys or structural analysis

3.1.2. Costs for surveyors

3.1.3. Costs for conceptual and detailed design

3.1.4. Costs for preparation of documentation

3.2. Permissions

3.2.1. All costs for permits necessary for developing, construction and operation

3.2.2. All costs related to environmental regulations

3.3. Financing costs

3.3.1. All financing costs necessary for development and construction o f PV system, such as costs for construction finance

4. Operations and maintenance (OM costs)

Operations and maintenance, usually found as O&M, costs include all the expenditure categories since the beginning of PV plant operations. Examples of them are PV module cleaning, monitoring or on-site inspections.