Seed Capital Funding Required:
$80m in two tranches
Year 1 Profits:
$2.8 billion
Year 5 Accumulated Cash:
Upto $19.7 billion
project type:
Total Cash Flow:
$100B +

Processing of a mountain of coal to extract valuable rare earth metals, elements and compounds. Containing Scandium, C5SO4, Thulium, Lutetium, Manganese Heptoxide, Niobium, Yttrium, Chromium, Lanthanum, platinum and gold.

Own 183 acres of land in Algoma, West Virginia, that has is a stockpile of coal on the surface that was excavated from an open-cast mine in the period 1907 to 1986.

The coal stockpile in its current condition is 2m tons washed (5m tons unwashed) and has a value of circa $600m. An appraisal in December 2017 showed a value of $182m discounted by 9.33% to take into account market conditions.

Sitting out in the open air for many years causes coal to oxidise. This process causes the coal structure to fragment making it easier to process and extract component parts. The value of this stockpile is substantially more if the coal is processed to remove rare earth elements and compounds. The coal can then be graphitised using a proprietary process to create valuable synthetic graphite materials.

The process of extracting the valuable elements and compounds is a secret bespoke process with the IP owned by the company. A 54,000 sqf production factory has been purchased and will process the coal line. The process is fully licenced and environmentally friendly.

After the coal has been fully processed there is no waste material. Any residual material is processed and used for soil enhancement fertilizer.

This extraction process qualifies for a 45Q tax credit and the company has also applied for $150m in grants.

Graphene is just one of the main compounds that will be produced as part of the process. This is a sought after product and is lightweight and has remarkable strength. It can be used to enhance steel, in aircraft and car manufacturer and in batteries and computer chips.

Trace Elements

(Unignited Dry Coal Basis, ¡g/g)
Antimony 2.11
Arsenic 15.2
Barium 799
Beryllium 3.6
Bromine 11.0
Cadmium 0.14
Chromium 77
Cobalt 17.6
Copper 41
Fluorine 642
Germanium 3
Lead 26.9
Lithium 69.6
Manganese 373
Mercury 0.116
Molybdenum 1.2
Nickel 40
Selenium 2.2
Thallium 1.08
Thorium 13.2
Tin 3.9
Titanium 3780
Tungsten 1.7
Uranium 4.9
Vanadium 120
Zinc 103
Gold 0.1
Palladium 0.2
Platinum 0.2
Scandium 16.5
Silver 0.08