Rob Fitzpatrick

[ Investor, entrepreneur, Head of family office ]

  • DEPARTMENT: Finance & Real Estate
  • EXPERIENCE: 30+ Years
  • EMAIL:
  • US PHONE: +1-407-9878326
  • UK PHONE: +44-7701389370


Rob Fitzpatrick is a self made Multi Millionaire and through his astute business acumen has amassed a wealth of assets.

His strong sense of partnering up with smart individuals has allowed him to leverage time, money and opportunities to the maximum benefit of all.

Rob boasts over 30 years of business experience and is a stock holder in numerous companies globally.

His role in Legends Advocates is not only to help guide the company, but to secure on going deal flow and opportunities for the group, and its clients.

Rob heads up his own Family Office with 19 offices around the world and over $2billion in AUM.