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Historically, real estate and private equity investments were out of reach for everyone except for institutional investors, family offices and the ultra-wealthy. Legends Advocates levelled the playing field — enabling qualified investors to access these lucrative asset classes

Top-Tier Opportunities

Legends Advocates clients pick from our carefully-curated selection of top-tier opportunities. Each opportunity is methodically vetted by our investment team, which boasts over a century of experience in the real estate and private equity industries.

Guaranteed Outcome

Legends Advocates have opportunities that are not publicly traded so are therefore not impacted by market conditions or swings.


Legends Advocates is leading a new era of private equity and real estate investing for athletes by opening the door to higher returns for more people. We are building the world's most engaged investor athletes community to inspire investments that drive the world forward and giving the athletes great returns.


Unique Management Team

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Financial Wellbeing Paramount

Secured Future Returns

Legends Advocates was set up to invest, watch over and grow their clients wealth so it coincided with their clients and family’s longterm wealth planning.

Financial Intelligence is not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard that money works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.

All of Legends Advocates partners and money managers have a proven track record of managing and growing investment funds and assets.

Legends Advocates management team work hard to achieve measurable, lasting change with demonstrable financial impact whilst always being conscious of the environmental impact any of our investments may have.

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Growing Asset Classes

The private capital industry grew to $10 trillion in 2021— and is projected to grow to $18 trillion by 2026. When investors tap into private equity and real estate, they gain access to rapidly-growing asset classes that reaches beyond the public markets.